A mindful coaching method

Our method is based on two pillars, Gestalt therapy and Mindfulness.


Gestalt therapy is a humanistic and interpersonal centred psychotherapy in which contacts and relationships are essential to

self-development and improvement. This integrative approach aims at fostering the know-how-to-be among organisations at cognitive, physical, emotional and social levels so they can adjust more fluently to constant changes in personal and professional life. Instead of focusing on the roots of the difficulties, our method helps identify potential bottlenecks and allow the emergence of  personal solutions.

Mindfulness is a specific approach which raises development awareness of self and others.


These two complementary approaches are supported by the here and now, in order to transform the conservative operative modes into creative adjustments.

Our program includes theoretical presentation and  interactive experimentations, through psycho-corporal exercises through speaking and writing, mindfulness and movement.

A very innovative mindful coaching program where all the senses are stimulated.